BurtonWright Mechanical provides old fashioned, high quality, professional customer service done Wright the first time to create comfortable, healthy, safe, and energy efficient places to live and work - there are no shortcuts to quality.

  • We feel so strongly about providing quality service and supporting people, that we have a set of core values to measure ourselves against.
  • BurtonWright mechanical is a trusted company. We encourage all of our customers to do some background work before choosing a contractor. We are confident that you will see that we are capable of serving your needs and achieving your satisfaction. We take the extra time to do it right the first time - no shortcuts.
  • Innovative Solutions to Improve Performance: We expect our employees to be creative problem solvers for each and every job they perform. We continually stretch the performance boundaries to ensure we are all reaching new levels. We expect that change and embrace it.
  • Exceeding the Customer's Expectations: We maintain a high quality in all the work we do. We take pride in exceeding what the customer expects. We also have a strong sense of urgency in our work — we know that your furnace and air conditioner are two things you'd prefer not to worry about, so we perform our work to the highest degree, and get out of your way as soon as possible.
  • Industrious and Strong Work Ethic: We hire people with a positive attitude that are enthusiastic, not just about their work, but also about life in general. We encourage our employees to maintain good work/life balance so they keep a prospective on the important things.
  • Serving Others First: It is important for all our employees to be responsive to the needs of others and place the interest of our customers in front of their own. This is why we always provide solutions that are in the best interest of the customers, each time, every time. We also strive to build trusting relationships with everyone we deal with.
  • Respect for Others: All our employees will treat your home like it is their own. We perform our work with the utmost attention to detail and will leave your space clean and damage-free.
  • Open, Honest Communication: We understand customers do not spend a lot of time thinking about their heating and cooling system. We will take the time to listen to your needs and clearly communicate solutions for you. We will always be honest in our assessments for your systems. We never recommend work that is not needed. We do not implement sales goals as solutions, only what is best for each customer.
  • Integrity and Accountability: We will always do what we say we are going to do and always commit to a high standard or excellence in our work. We want to establish and maintain a trusting relationship with all of our customers, at all times.

You deserve the best.

Trust our team.


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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • My builder responded and would like to use (and has already contacted) another service provider. Since he is responsible for anything not covered by warranty for the first year, I guess that's fair. If this was totally my decision, I would use you and will in the future.