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Residents of Fayetteville sure know how to have fun in the summer — whether you’re hoarse from shouting “whoo pig sooie” at Baum Stadium, catching the latest blockbuster at the local drive-in, hanging out at Lake Fayetteville, or heading up to Beaver Lake for a weekend camping trip. And when a day or weekend of summer fun is through, there’s one thing we’re all looking forward to most: basking in that cool, crisp air conditioning that’s waiting back at home. But what if something goes awry with your air conditioning system when you least expect it?

Air conditioner breakdowns have a way of happening when you least expect them to here in Fayetteville. That’s why BurtonWright is here to help. We offer comprehensive cooling services for air conditioners and heat pumps throughout Fayetteville, AR, including repair, replacement and installation, and ongoing maintenance.

AC Repair, Replacement, Maintenance & More

BurtonWright is proud to bring Fayetteville homeowners a wide range of trusted air conditioning services. Whether you are looking for 24/7 AC repair, considering air conditioning replacement, or need a simple tune-up for your air conditioner, our highly trained technicians have you covered.

Why Choose BurtonWright for Your AC Needs?

Homeowners in Fayetteville have come to trust BurtonWright due to our commitment to delivering exceptional service and our local knowledge of the Fayetteville climate. Other perks of choosing BurtonWright for your cooling (or heating) needs include:

  • 24/7 emergency AC repair

  • Installation of high quality products

  • Convenient service plan agreements

  • Honest, transparent pricing

  • Fully certified, highly trained technicians

  • Family owned & veteran operated

  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

BurtonWright: Reliable, Affordable Service for Fayetteville, AR

BurtonWright got its start over 15 years ago with a mission to bring better HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance service to homeowners in the Fayetteville area. We’re proud to have lived up to that standard over the past decade and a half, and we’re honored to have done business with so many of our neighbors in Fayetteville.

Whatever your air conditioning needs — be it an HVAC repair, energy efficient AC system upgrade, or yearly tune-up for your air conditioner — we are prepared to help you stay cool this summer. Find out why so many Fayetteville, AR homeowners have come to rely on BurtonWright!

Need AC repair, replacement, or maintenance in Fayetteville, AR? Call 479-443-9331 or contact us today to book an air conditioning appointment!

Need air conditioning service?

BurtonWright is Fayetteville’s trusted local expert.


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  • My builder responded and would like to use (and has already contacted) another service provider. Since he is responsible for anything not covered by warranty for the first year, I guess that's fair. If this was totally my decision, I would use you and will in the future.