August 5, 2019

Is your air conditioner struggling to keep your house cool? 

There can be many symptoms of a broken air conditioner, like rising electric bills, unpleasant odors and loud noises.

The first step to diagnosing your AC issues is with an air conditioner tune-up

An AC service call can spot problems early, including:

  • Leaking coolant

  • Loose electrical wires

  • Failing compressor

  • Broken fan motor

  • Dirty air filters

If you’ve had more than one AC repair in the last five years, it could be time to replace your AC!

Advancements in AC technology have made modern AC units more efficient, saving you money and comfort over time. 

Another cooling solution for hot rooms or additions:

The cooling (and heating power) of ductless mini-split heat pumps

No matter your home cooling needs, the experts at Burton Wright have got you covered.

Schedule your AC tune-up or repair today!

We can pinpoint why your house is not cool.

Repair or replace, count on our professional AC team!


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